BugHunterSam – update

It’s been a while since my last business update. While I’m waiting for high sierra to update I thought I’d spend some time reflecting on how the business is going. Managing my finances I wrote this post on how I’m managing the finances. Overall I’m happy with how it’s going. I’m two paychecks away from… Continue reading BugHunterSam – update

Investing $1000 a month

Meet Eric, he’s a 25 year old who enjoys hanging out with friends. He earns a 70K per year salary and spends about 40K a year on living expenses. As a single bloke, he’s not super keen on jumping on the property band wagon. He enjoys having the freedom to live wherever he likes and… Continue reading Investing $1000 a month

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Schema Therapy: part VI

Wow. It was in February that I last posted about schema therapy. Today I had a chair session. The idea being, that I imagine my dad sitting in an empty chair in front of me and I tell him that I don’t deserve his criticism. Role play I role play an emotional and triggering scenario.… Continue reading Schema Therapy: part VI

My views on FIRE

Financial Independence Retire Early (AKA FIRE) is a movement that’s been taking the internet and high paid young professionals by storm. The idea is fairly simple: maximize your income today maximize your savings for the near future grow an investment portfolio then draw down 4% of your investment portfolio forever However, I think there’s some… Continue reading My views on FIRE

Managing my finances as a Contractor – AU edition

I have been obsessed with finances and I’m studying a financial advice degree part time. This here is NOT personal financial advice, but it’s a walk through of how I’m managing my finances. This is for the Australian market. I don’t know the best way to manage taxes/save for retirement in other countries. Company Structure Sole… Continue reading Managing my finances as a Contractor – AU edition