Job applications are BROKEN

I’ve been job hunting more than I’d like to count (4 times in the last 2 years if you really must know). With my recent round of efforts I have NOT heard back from a single application through the online Job Advertisment process (Seek and LinkedIn job ads). However I’ve had 9 leads come up… Continue reading Job applications are BROKEN

Test Automation Uni – Day 1

Today I hosted a lovely bunch of keen learners who wanted to put aside some time and do an online course with me. You can check out the event on meetup here. Today’s topic was setting a foundation for successful test automation by Angie Jones. I also streamed the activity and conversations via Here… Continue reading Test Automation Uni – Day 1

Ticca 2019 – overview

TiCCA 2019 (Testing in Context Conference Australia) has been and gone and it was an amazing opportunity to reconnect with some old faces and meet some new ones. It felt like one of the more intimate testing conferences that I’ve been to and that’s a good thing. Now that’s over I feel a bit of… Continue reading Ticca 2019 – overview